Design Objective 

Develop a fresh, new brand and identity for the Advertising and Graphic Design program at CVCC. Two creative teams worked to create and produce branded collateral for their design concept. After coming up with a unique concept, each creative team pitched the final design to a panel of creative professionals. 

Design Brief

In the creative team, I designed a social media campaign for the Advertising and Graphic Design rebrand that consisted of creating an appealing campaign to capture the attention of upcoming graphic designers and show the behind-the-scenes process of experiences in the Advertising and Graphic Design (AGD) program. The theme of the campaign is aimed towards the “Shape Your Future” tagline, which will be shown through branding within each post. This campaign will also focus on the brainstorming process and the efforts that go into creating a design. Software utilized in this campaign includes Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe Photoshop.

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