Design Objective 

Research and develop a unique app concept with a functional interface. This design should be functional and be visually appealing to best fit the concept’s theme and overall design. The concept behind this application should solve a specific problem and be appropriate for user testing. The end-user should be considered in each step of the design process. 

Design Brief 

The Claiming Clarity app works with wearable technology to send encouragement throughout the day and monitor the user’s heart rate. The app assesses the user’s current heartbeats and will send a notification and an encouraging quote or image to the user when a high heart rate is detected. A person has several emotions throughout the day, and this will be perfect for an individual who needs a pick-me-up. The Claiming Clarity app features two main functions. The app monitors heart rate via beats per minute. The next feature provides users with positive tips on how to lower heart rate. Software utilized in this campaign includes Adobe InDesign and Adobe Photoshop.
Color Palette

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